Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emma Pillsbury: Fashionista

Since Fall TV has started, I eagerly wait for Wednesday so I can tune into Glee:) Not only does this show make my high school music-geek heart warm, but I have absolutely fallen in love with Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe. Her vintage accessories and color pallet are perfect. I even love how her wardrobe offers trends such as military jackets and statement necks, but done in a vintage way with embroidered appliques and brooches. In the episode when she tried on her wedding dress and sang "I Could've Danced All Night," I fell in love with her beaded headwrap that looked very Jennifer Behr inspired. The bright pops of color are a breath of fresh air and make me want to buy a bunch of party cardies immediately. And the sweater clips!!! I'm simply waiting for some time to make one with my old clip in earrings, since they are impossible to find. All in all, Emma Pillsbury has become my newest fashion icon and I can't wait until episodes start up again in January.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Correction, episodes do not start back up until April!! What am I going to do until then for fashion advice?

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