Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full of Glee

A couple of weeks ago, my sister decided to use her creativity and style and start her own Etsy shop full of jewelry she designed and hand-made. She has about about 10 pieces now, all named after people and things that make her happy (or glee). The best part about it is that she personifies each piece in describing their details. Even the colors and patterns of the hand-made beads bring each character described to life. I especially love the one designed after our mother, in what other color scheme but her favorite, blue. Full of Glee is such a fun site to browse, not just to learn about the wonderful (and gleeful) people in her life, but also to bring glee to your ensemble!

From Full of Glee:

Mary: Strong while facing the unimaginable, yet always young at heart, Mary fills one's life with glee.

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