Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black and what

This week has turned out to be spring inspired everyday this week and today was no different. I decied to wear my favorite belt/necklace/headwrap from JCrew, worn today as a necklace. I wore a brown under-tank with brown booties and my black skinny pants. I know it is said to be a fashion faux pas, but typically go against the grain anyway, and I think it looks quite nice--especially the purple lining folded over on my Blowfish booties.

Love that it's still light out when I get home from work.Makes the days so much nicer to have sun :)

Totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day today (hence the no green). I did have on green underwear (not intentional) as well as Jade green nailpolish (also not intentional). Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!

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