Monday, February 15, 2010

MIA in China

Hello Fashion Ammo readers! I know I have been MIA these past couple of weeks, but I have been extremely busy. I was in Asia for two weeks in January for work and it has taken me until now to get back to the routine of things. Asia was amazing. TONS of hard work, but a really amazing experience I hope to be fortunate enough to do again. In my two week stay, I went to Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the airport in Japan :) I was only able to manage to go shopping twice. Once, on Grandville Road, a trendy boutique-filled street. The other, at the Ladies Night Market, where you barter for your purchases. Both were great experiences if only I had more time to enjoy them...and buy things!! Here is a little story book of the things I got to see.

And I'm off...looking scared and nervous!

Rainy, gray Taiwan...

The 101- 2nd tallest building in the world.

Hong Kong skyline from Kowloon side.

Another gorgeous view of Hong Kong's Harbor.

A Chinese street.

The Ladies Market.

And of course...Disneyland!

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Lisa Fergus said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! I'm so jealous!

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