Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Morning Craft

I'm varied when it comes to my morning schedule and getting ready for work. Some days, I make sure I get everything settled before I go to bed (set the coffee maker, make my lunch, pick out my outfit, and sometimes even take a shower) but it's never all 4, usually a combination. But sometimes, I try to cram all 4 in my mornings, doing no preparation the night before. In cases like this, such as today, I have to be really quick when it comes to selecting an outfit and accessorizing it. Occasionally I really hit it, while other times, my outfits tend to lack that "funky edge" I so aptly claim myself to have. This morning, while shampooing my hair, I had no inspiration and feared for crunch time when I would have to pick SOMETHING! I first pulled out my leopard print shirt from H&M. I then immediately began to think of what I could accessorize it with. I had found these earrings of my sister's that I had been trying to incorporate into an outfit and decided that brown and orange were it! With no other orange accessories in my immediate hands, I braided a couple of my Grandmother's scarves and couldn't believe the texture I had created on a whim. Sometimes, all it takes is a color or a print, and sometimes you can really hit it when you have 5 mins. Hope you enjoy!

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