Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gypsy Chic

Today I felt a bit gypsy. I absolutely love this skirt I've had for years. The beading is perfect as it requires no belt and is enough of an accessory on it's own. I felt a tad inspired today by the House of Harlow headwrap found at Kitson's Boutique. Mine is a vintage necklace of my Mom's from the 70's.

Beaded Skirt from Gadzooks (Eeeeks!)
GAP basic tee
Vintage necklace and acrylic ring
Kelly and Katie yellow snakeskin sandals

Dance party! Just wanted to show off the beaded waistline.

Close-up of the necklace turned headwrap.

My "ice cube" acrylic ring is totally 80's but I love it!

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