Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Pants at Work

Since most of pants no longer fit/I don't really like them anymore, I decided I'd re-work my pants and make them new again. How fun?!

First, I chose a pair that was a bit big and slouchy, perfect for my re-work.

Then, I rolled the around the waist to ensure they stay up, plus it was a cute way to show off my tattoo on my stomach :)

Next, I rolled up the cuff and gathered at the back of the leg, to make more of a straight leg.

Once it was pinned, I rolled up the cuff a couple of times and voila, new pants!

I was going for that carefree J Crew look, and I think I did justice. Have fun re-working some of your pants to even further expand your fabulous wardrobe.

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