Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nights of Macomb Part 2

Remember how I said how strange I felt being back there? Well a lot of it had to do with going out to the bars. Since I've been out of college and working full-time, I've really cut back on drinking and partying. I don't miss it, but the one thing I do miss is seeing the college fashion (insert sarcasm here). Apparently, people, of all body shapes and sizes, thought it was appropriate to wear tunic tops as dresses without tights or leggings. They were so short. Very, VERY, short. I think at one point I even saw a girl's, well you know...
It was entertaining but I have to wonder...
Are people wearing these things because they are clubbing and it is hot? Are they seeing these ensembles in print or displayed at retail that way? Or is it just part of the college fashion of cheap clothing that only seems appropriate when you are in the middle of well, nowhere?

As for me, I saved the best outfit for my last day. Here is the continuation of my fashion ensembles in Macomb last weekend.

Bomber Jacket: H&M
Sheer Tank: Delia's
Mermaid Skirt: Mod Cloth
Necklace: Claire's Accessories

I decided to give myself a crown of braids. It was girly, but gave me that rocker girl edge.

On the balcony of The Forum in Macomb. Yes, it's a tad blurry, but you get the idea. I'm a my jacket.

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